Tech innovations driving Logistics businesses ahead

As the complexity of the supply chain grows, the need for tech solutions with increased transparency and visibility for better decision making grows too. In this predictive logistics era, parcels in trailers will be embedded with their own sensor tracking data, such as humidity and temperature.

Shippers will then be able to implement infrastructure monitoring, process automation, smart metering and real-time fleet management.

Logistics/supply chain/freight-forwarding sectors will be the first to benefit from logistics predictive technologies, allowing them to track assets in real time, make informed decisions through detailed data streams and to better engage with customers.

Smart logistics is beginning to shape a more advanced conception of the logistics value stream with predictive delivery platforms being integrated into traffic management systems.

It marks the dawn of the predictive logistics era where supply chain management and smart technology predicts delays of shipments in transit ahead of time, enabling planners, even autonomous machine processes, to adjust production schedules to meet changes in delivery schedules.

Eonsfleet Supply Chain and Logistics Software

We are in the dawn of the predictive logistics age, in which both the supply chain management and smart technology work together to foresee delays in shipments and to allow companies to adjust their manufacturing schedules.

End-to-end visibility may result in:

  • Improved user experience with simplified, streamlined processes
  • Improved collaboration between various parties
  • New reporting features to build custom or scheduled reports
  • Visibility across the supply chain, regardless of partner or mode
  • Improved decision making with better visibility
  • More resilient & future ready supply chain

So full visibility is needed across the end-to-end supply chains, because companies are working with a network of partners. To improve the productivity, utilization, and throughput across the supply chain, it is essential to leverage technologies initiatives.

 loT of technologies are available, and there is no dearth of data. 

“We are moving slowly into an era where big data is the starting point, not the end.” – Pearl Zhu, author of the “Digital Master” book series

You can now have a unique birds-eye view of a company’s entire operations from a single point and being able to plan and direct resources as and when required with a complete backing of deep analytics in a friendly outlook.

“Eonsfleet has a legacy of providing innovative technology solutions and service offerings in the Telemetry, Automotive/Connected Mobility and Supply chain and logistics market. SCLS our latest solution in this journey, is a culmination of responding to our customers’ needs and holding our technology to an increasingly high standard in Africa. We are confident in its ability to help our customers stay on top of all their critical supply chain processes from order management to shipment visibility.” – Tokunbo Arannilewa, Founder, Eonsfleet Africa. 

By harnessing the power of new technologies, organisations can build trust into the fabric of their supply chain, and begin building bespoke supply chains for different markets.

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