Eonsfleet Improves Supply Chain and Business Operations Through End-to-End Automation

Join me to congratulate Tokunbo Olaitan Arannilewa, the CEO of  Eonsfleet Prosolutions Limited , a Fasmicro Group portfolio company. Today, one of our customers noted that using Eonsfleet technology and services, they recorded 54% reduction in energy usage. Eonsfleet is Nigeria’s leading company on all dimensions of monitoring, maintaining, servicing, and tracking of special assets like generators, fuel tankers (it tracks the trucks and the liquid they carry), etc.

This is the mission of Eonsfleet. To make businesses profitable, efficient and stay afloat by providing them the technologies that will help them to reduce waste, cut unnecessary cost, become efficient, optimize decisions among others.

Eonsfleet is a managed service designed to allow distributors of bulk lubes and fluids, propane gas, and other liquids to remotely monitor tank fill levels (in moving trucks, depots, fuel stations, etc.), optimize distribution and ascertain compliance to desired destinations. Purpose-built to improve inventory management.

To extend its services beyond the fuel supply chain market, Eonsfleet offers IoT applications around the fleet, fuel and energy remote monitoring solutions which include the remote monitoring for diesel generator, fuel and grid for facility managers.

The Eonsfleet IoT Platform, a proven, highly scalable, customizable IoT Platform, powers Fleet Management Software, Smart metering solutions, E-logistics, Warehousing and Supply Chain Control Tower Software. (SaaS).

It brings a gamut of powerful capabilities in energy management, remote asset management, environment monitoring, location tracking, alerting, intelligent dashboards, reporting and analytics.

With Eonsfleet, no one will fool you with tracking an empty truck which is moving from Lagos to Bauchi, when the real fuel is being diverted to Togo!

If you need help, Tokunbo is ready to assist. We bring intelligence to your supply chain.

By Ndubuisi Ekekwe

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